PMI Piranha

The PMI PIRANHA 68 cal Black Paintball Marker has many great features.
Tournament Grade Powered by N2 or CO2
.Interchangeable Threaded Aluminum Barrel With Spriral Porting.
.Corrosion Resistant Aerospace grade Aluminum with wear resistant Teflon finish on all Internal parts
.Closed 2K3 Vertiacl Feed Reciever
. 10" Bottomline ASA Tank Adapter designed to accept Gas systems
.10+ shots per second,Optimized Pressure Chamber
.21" Overall length Threaded Vertical Feed
. HI-Performance Ported Barrel and Raised Sight Rail
Locking velocity Adjust Knob and Flush cocking bolt system
Ultra light  Double Trigger and a 45 cal Double Trigge Frame
comp# 04992622

Reg $199.99    Sale $119.00    (Closeout Item)