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To better server our customers Miller Rod and Gun has opened a new web site with an online shopping cart. Our current site will still be up and running so be sure to check out both sites for our best deals on all your hunting, fishing and shooting needs. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by E-Mail, Phone or Fax. Please visit our new site here:

USCCA Concealed Carry Class Will Be Held May 20, 2018. Call for more information.
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Odds & Ends


Gas Mask


REG $29.99  SALE $22.00

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WW II Tear Gas Billy

SALE $450.00

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Bolo Machete
REG $24.99  SALE $14.00

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Devil Sword 27"
REG $49.99 SALE $34.61
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Omega Baton Stunner  17"
REG $179.99  SALE $84.00

Dragon Sword Cane
CANE    REG $59.99  SALE $39.54
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Samurai Sword Set
SWORD    REG $55.00  SALE $49.00
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Fighting Sword 27"
REG $49.99 SALE $29.99
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Miller Rod & Gun  Skull
Pink   SALE $16.00
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Miller Rod & Gun  Skull
OD Green    SALE $16.00
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Miller Rod & Gun  Skull
Safety Green   SALE $16.00
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Miller Rod & Gun  Skull
Orange   SALE  $16.00
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Miller Rod & Gun  Skull
Black   SALE $16.00
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Glock Polo  Black
SALE $16.99
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Miller Rod & Gun  Skull
Gray   SALE $16.00
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Glock Polo  White
SALE $16.99
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U.S. Saber Reproduction
Demo   SABER
REG $199.99 SALE $150.00
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Rapier Sword 33"
REG $99.00 SALE $65.00
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Red Tassel Sword
Demo  RTN
REG $59.99 SALE $39.97
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Green Dragon Sword
REG $59.99 SALE $37.50
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Knights Sword 29"
REG $59.99 SALE $43.36
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Miller Rod & Gun is looking for a self motivated person with knowledge in hunting, fishing and firearms.

A great place to work and meet outdoor people from all over the area.

Call Miller Rod & Gun: 330 755-3451

Property For Sale

Located at 6412 South Ave., Boardman, Ohio.

Just under 8 acres, this prime land runs west to Apple Wood Acres and is located across from the new Sam's Club site.   Call 330-503-3222

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The Ultimate Fisherman

Joe loved to go fishing.  He went fishing every chance he had, day or night.  One day he and his buddy Jim were fishing along the river bank when a funeral procession went by on the roadway above the river.  Joe stood up, took off his hat and waited until the cars passed.  "That was very nice of you" said Jim.  Joe said, "well, it's the least I can do . .  we were married 40 years."