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      Bullets      Brass                              Primers                    Dies       Reloading Equip

CCI Shotshell  209

Box of 1000    #24426501

 REG  $44.00   SALE  $37.50

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Winchester Shotshell 209

Box of 1000  #24506001

SALE  $44.99

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Remington Lg. Pistol

# 2 1/2  #24380150  1000

REG  $39.99   SALE  $30.99

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Remington Sm. Pistol

#1 1/2   #24280211  1000

REG $39.99    SALE $30.99

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Remington Sm.Pistol Mag.

24380215   1000

REG  $39.99   SALE  $30.99

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Remington Sm. Rifle

24380200   1000

  REG $39.99  SALE $30.99

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Remington Lg. Rifle

24380311   1000

  REG $39.99  SALE $30.99

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Winchester Lg. Pistol

24501241   1000

  REG  $39.99   SALE  $29.99

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Winchester Sm. Pistol

24501231   1000

 REG $39.99   SALE  $35.00

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Winchester Lg. Rifle

24501201   1000

REG $39.99   SALE $29.99

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Winchester Sm. Rifle

24507001   1000

  REG $39.99   SALE $31.99

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Federal #200 Small

Magnum   34300452

REG $39.99  SALE $29.00

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ATTENTION: Residents of DC, MA, NY & NJ, please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering any gun-powder products, primers or percussion caps.

Note: UPS assesses a $20 Hazardous Material handling charge per order of these products.  Buying in bulk can save you money since you will be charged the same $20 fee for one pound of gunpowder products as you will for a large quantity.

WARNING:  Primers, Smokeless Powders, Pyrodex, Triple Se7en, Black Mag 3 and American Pioneer may only be purchased by adults.  Check your local and state laws for the legality of ordering and possessing these products.  For safety reasons, we do not accept returns on these products.

We have more reloading products not yet on this site,

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